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Testing and Diagnostics

At Best Steps, we understand the importance of early diagnosis and intervention for individuals on the autism spectrum. We are a leading provider of comprehensive autism diagnostic services, offering gold standard assessments and personalized recommendations to guide individuals and families on the best steps to take.

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Our team of highly skilled professionals specializes in autism diagnostics and has extensive experience working with individuals of all ages. All of our clinicians have doctorates (i.e., Ph.D., Psy.D.) in clinical psychology and are highly trained in neurodevelopment and assessment.

Cutting Edge Assessments

Utilizing the latest diagnostic tools and techniques, we ensure accurate and reliable results. Our assessments meet the gold standard of ASD evaluations, including cognitive ability, adaptive daily living skills, and social-emotional functioning.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our evaluations encompass a wide range of domains, including social communication, cognitive abilities, and adaptive functioning. This thorough approach enables us to identify strengths and challenges in support of the development of targeted intervention plans.

Individualized Recommendations

Following the evaluation, our team provides detailed reports and personalized recommendations. These recommendations serve as a roadmap for individuals and their families, offering guidance on evidence-based interventions, therapeutic strategies, and community resources.

Compassionate Care

At Best Steps, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals and families touched by autism. We approach every assessment with compassion, respect, and sensitivity, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing environment for everyone involved.

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Partner— Center for Social Dynamics

Center for Social Dynamics opens a world of possibilities for those with Autism and other developmental needs through science, compassion, and humility.