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Best Steps offers diagnostic developmental evaluations for children, adolescents and adults. Each evaluation takes place in person at one of our centers or via telehealth. Our diagnostic developmental assessments are conducted by Licensed Psychologists who specialize in working with children and adults who are affected by developmental, intellectual, and emotional disabilities.

Each evaluation takes place in our centers. We offer competitive pricing with varying payment options for both insurance and private funding. Our diagnostic assessments include a feedback session with a licensed clinician.

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Autism Diagnostic Evaluations

We offer comprehensive assessments to evaluate individuals across the lifespan, from toddlers to adults. Our evaluations provide a thorough understanding of an individual’s strengths, challenges, and areas of need.

Second Opinion Assessments

If you have already received an autism diagnosis but want a second opinion or require further clarification, our team can provide an independent evaluation to address your concerns.

Clinical Interview

The clinical interview with caregivers is based on the Autism Diagnostic Interview, Revised (ADI-R), one of the gold standard assessments for assessing neurodevelopmental concerns. This helps determine the developmental trajectory of areas of concern to best understand the root cause, and to differentiate diagnostic formulations.

Feedback Session

Feedback sessions are conducted with the assessing psychologist and include a thorough discussion of assessment results and diagnoses, as well as resources and recommendations. In this interactive process, families have the space to ask questions and receive support and recommendations from a licensed psychologist. Depending on the presentation of the individual being assessed (e.g., age, verbal abilities), this feedback is also offered to the individual so that they can also understand better their own unique profile of strengths and weaknesses.

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