Vickie Burtrum

Clinic Manager

Vickie has been working with CSD since 2016. She previously worked on various Autism research studies conducted by Kaiser Permanente. She coordinated the Study for Early Development (SEED) and the Environmental Exposures and Autism Study at the San Jose Autism Spectrum Disorder Center.

H. Nicole Hess

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Hess received her doctoral degree from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (now Palo Alto University) in Palo Alto, California where she specialized in child psychology and neuropsychological assessment. She completed an internship at Children’s Hospital Autism Intervention in Oakland and a residency at the Autism Spectrum Disorder Center of Kaiser Permanente. She was also involved in cutting-edge research related to Autism Spectrum Disorder, including the Early Autism Risk Longitudinal Investigation (EARLI) through Kaiser Permanente. For the past decade, she has conducted hundreds of evaluations with a diverse range of children and adults to address a wide variety of referral concerns. Dr. Hess continues to enjoy a relationship with Kaiser Permanente as a contracted provider for ASD and neuropsychological evaluations through her private practice and Center for Social Dynamics. Outside of work, Dr. Hess spends time with her husband, two children, and dogs. She enjoys running, reading, listening to a variety of music, and traveling to see her favorite bands.


  • PhD, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University
  • MS, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University
  • BA, Pepperdine University


  • Clinical Psychologist, #PSY 22960

Dr. Eva Kowalewicz

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Educational Psychologist, and Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Dr. Eva Kowalewicz is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Educational Psychologist, and Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign for her undergraduate studies and completed a master’s degree at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia where she was awarded the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence (top 3% of students). Dr. Kowalewicz also graduated “with distinction” from a top 10 American Psychological Association (APA) accredited school psychology doctoral program at Loyola University Chicago. Additionally, she worked as an Adjunct Professor at Loyola University Chicago. Dr. Kowalewicz’s dissertation based on principals of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) was published in a top tier school psychology journal, School Psychology Quarterly. Dr. Kowalewicz completed a Pediatric Post-Doctoral Fellowship under an Associate Professor from Northwestern University Chicago, and Pediatric Psychologist at Shriners Hospitals for Children, Chicago. Her post-doctoral training included participation in research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) examining early correlates of reading disabilities and neuropsychological correlates of craniofacial conditions. As a Pediatric Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Kowalewicz also provided family psychological services, psychotherapy, and comprehensive psychological/neuropsychological evaluations to individuals ages 0 to 22. Dr. Kowalewicz holds specialized credentials in autism assessment, bilingual assessment, and behavioral management/interventions and is fluently bilingual in Polish. She has over a decade of experience working as a psychologist in both educational and clinical settings. She currently works as a Diagnostic Clinical Psychologist specializing in autism assessment at the Center for Social Dynamics, a Diagnostic Clinical Psychologist for the Mind by Design practice in Campbell, and for the Sunnyvale Elementary School District completing special education evaluations for private school students.


  • PhD, With Distinction, Loyola University Chicago, School Psychology
  • MA, University Chicago, Educational Psychology
  • MA, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
  • BA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL


  • Licensed Psychologist, California, PSY #28381,
  • Licensed Educational Psychologist, California # 3839
  • California PPS Credential, School Psychology, # 140128532
  • Nationally Certified School Psychology (NCSP), Certification # 43066

Dr. Emily Hsu

Bilingual (Spanish) Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Emily Hsu is a bilingual (Spanish) licensed psychologist experienced in working with individuals throughout the lifespan utilizing individual, group, and psychological testing. In pursuit of her desire to provide culturally competent and sensitive bilingual services to ethnic minority populations, she enrolled in the Diversity and Community Mental Health Proficiency Track at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University. Dr. Hsu specializes in suicide prevention and intervention, anxiety and mood disorders, trauma recovery, and interpersonal relationships. Dr. Hsu’s research and clinical interests include decreasing mental health disparities, suicidology, and understanding how the complexities of human diversity influence emotional health and coping styles. Her therapeutic approach is integrative and strongly influenced by Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and aspects of rapport building from the humanistic tradition. Previously, Dr. Hsu completed her APA accredited internship at Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services in Culver City, California and her APA accredited postdoctoral residency at Kaiser Permanente in Redwood City, California.


  • Spanish

Dr. Mona Redja

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Mona Redja is a California licensed clinical psychologist. She specializes in conducting neurodevelopmental evaluations with toddlers, children, and young adults. Prior to beginning her career as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Redja obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California where she specialized in child and adolescent psychology and psychological assessments. She subsequently completed a post-doctoral residency at the Kaiser Permanente Autism Spectrum Disorder Center in San Jose. Dr. Redja also holds a Master of Science degree in Molecular Neuroscience from Bristol University in the UK as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences from University of California, Irvine.


Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Wright Institute

M.A. Clinical Psychology, Wright Institute

M.Sc. Molecular Neuroscience, Bristol University

B.Sc. Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine


Clinical Psychologist, California Board of Psychology PSY# 27995

Dr. Melanie Hsu, PhD.

Dr. Hsu attended the University of Washington for her undergraduate degree in Psychology. After working for a year as a residential treatment counselor and in a genetics lab, she attended the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University to obtain her PhD in Clinical Psychology with emphases in Child & Family and Health Psychology. Dr. Hsu’s passion for working with children and families with Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental disabilities started during a practicum at Children’s Hospital Oakland at the Children’s Hospital Autism Intervention (CHAI). She completed her postdoctoral residency at the Kaiser Permanente Autism Spectrum Disorder Center in San Jose and worked there for four years in diagnoses, research, supervision, and training. Dr. Hsu currently continues to work part-time at the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research with the Autism Research Project as the clinical lead for ECHO (Early Life Exposures, Child Growth, and Neurodevelopment) study.